Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Muddy waters

Muddy waters beneath a silver spring. The blue moon watching over a lonely star. The trees dancing their slow sway (in their way) as the wind whistles another sad love song. These are the realms of my heart. A wolf howls distances away, I know he’s there. But I have cried wolf before, many times before. The owl gazing at me in her all knowing way lets out a sad understanding hoot. I try to smile but my lips don’t remember how. It’s been like this for a minute and a year. My weakened spirit fighting a false war that I’m bound to inevitably lose. Why can’t it be that I win the war before the battle? Could it be that I’m my own enemy thus the most stunning victory would equal the most crushing defeat? If this was so then I should never dare to fight, but still I do! Why is everything both black and white? A tear wells up in my eye but it doesn’t fall. I blink it away (but it’s here to stay). It’s been this way for a minute and a year. This present darkness cast over everything. Muddy waters beneath a silver spring .

…..but still the sun will rise at dawn.


Prousette said...

Hello Sandy man the sun sure as it sets will rise.
You Ok, otherwise?

Stunuh Jay said...

OOh...ok there's a lot of pain there. It's not all that bad, people come into your life for a reason, but then they also leave for a reason. They give us what we needed there and then at that time in our lives. So I hope you hold on to the good memories...Hope you're OK.

akiey5 said...

"Yeah we got problems
Cause when it's on it's on but
But believe me when I tell you
Hold on, and be strong
Things always get better
Cause when it's on it's on but
God don't like ugly
Hold on, and be strong
And God don't like no quitters
Cause when it's on it's on
Hold on, and be strong
You got to stand strong"

-Tupac Amaru Shakur-

Guessaurus said...

Seeing this one, I will take off 10 Sms'es and ask for 10 - got the first one Thanks Sweet.

Enjoy the weekend, and you know where to find me if you need a chat :D

UARIDI said...

I have missed you, welcome back

Wait for the dawn - the sun always rises

sandman said...

@prou - I'm good, just kawaida everyday struggles.

@stunuh - pain comes with the territory, right?

@akiey - when it's on it's on but what doesn't kill you...

@Guess - asanti sana. 1 down 9 to go.

@Auntie - I missed you too. It's almost dawn.

Stunuh Jay said...

Deah One: what can I say? Maybe something corny like you grow through the pain. But probably the truth is the better option, you get your heart broken, you pick up the peices, and the next sucker that come's through that door gets the blooming spanish inquisition...Well that's my take.

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