Monday, May 15, 2006

LUCID DREAMS ctd......

Now that I'm starting to feel like my old self again, it's about time I wrap up this story - I hope ya'll haven't given up on me. Just in case you forgot the storyline ....

Lucid dreams ......part 1

Lucid dreams ......part 2

Lucid dreams ......part 3

the last part should be up in a little while ... scared? you should be!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Muddy waters

Muddy waters beneath a silver spring. The blue moon watching over a lonely star. The trees dancing their slow sway (in their way) as the wind whistles another sad love song. These are the realms of my heart. A wolf howls distances away, I know he’s there. But I have cried wolf before, many times before. The owl gazing at me in her all knowing way lets out a sad understanding hoot. I try to smile but my lips don’t remember how. It’s been like this for a minute and a year. My weakened spirit fighting a false war that I’m bound to inevitably lose. Why can’t it be that I win the war before the battle? Could it be that I’m my own enemy thus the most stunning victory would equal the most crushing defeat? If this was so then I should never dare to fight, but still I do! Why is everything both black and white? A tear wells up in my eye but it doesn’t fall. I blink it away (but it’s here to stay). It’s been this way for a minute and a year. This present darkness cast over everything. Muddy waters beneath a silver spring .

…..but still the sun will rise at dawn.